A music industry revolution

Starts with you.

Decibol was built because we believe musicians shouldn't be required to sign away their creative freedom and the soul of their music to do what they love.

Together We Win


Our part is to keep delivering the applications that will allow the music community to self-organize economically in a way that makes major record labels irrelevant. Your part is to sign up, stick around, offer your skills and services, use the skills and services of others, and to keep telling us what tools you need us to build and improve.

What is it?


Decibol.com presents a series of web applications designed, developed, and targeted at helping artists and small labels excel in the modern music arena. Organize and publicize your band, find studio musicians, discover a new venue for a gig, or raise funds for recording a new album or music video. Our goal is to be the one site absolutely anyone could use to propel their music career without the barriers of executives and market research getting in the way of their creativity.


Decibol gives music industry professionals the power to control their careers without major records labels.


Raise Funds

Crowdsourced funding is the way to command your outcomes. Decibol is a tool to crowdsource your next album or project.

Connect & Collaborate

Decibol is a network that open the door between you and other talented music professionals.

Keep Your Rights

Our rights policy is pretty simple: If you upload it, you own it. Decibol doesn't assume ownership of anything uploaded to our site.


Decibol is stacked with features to help you maintain a professional, credible appearance online while growing your career.


Don't Get Robbed


Major Record labels take up to 97.2% of revenues from album sales. Leaving you with a whopping 2.8% to split between you and your band mates, managers. Why give up 97% of your earnings from your creation to a bunch of suits? Raise what you need with Decibol, we pay out 96% of your raised goal. The difference is clear.

Major Record Labels



Decibol Projects is center stage, opening the door between fans and music professional and empowering them to come together and produce music without the help of a major record label reaching into both their pockets. Projects gives fans the power to encourage their favorite bands to make new albums directly.



Decibol Resources is the way for artists and music industry professionals to collaborate, help, and create together. Connect with your peers and build the team you need to make your music the way you want it. Resources gives artists a private and safe way to communicate and stay connected.



Decibol Profiles are a means to promote your image, your band, your favorite artists, your network. Bands, showcase your latest tracks, photos, and Decibol Projects. Fans, connect with artists directly, and stay up to date with all their latest updates.

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