• Decibol offers 96% of your crowdfunding project goal
  • Project types range from albums, to videos, to merch
  • Offer rewards to your fans for contributing
  • Easily share and promote your project on social networks


  • Use Decibol to connect to other musicians and labels
  • Reach out to collaborate on an album project
  • Connect to a studio musician or find a substitute
  • Opt-in only: Enjoy your privacy, by default

Manage Your Band & Brand

Establish your brand

  • Maintain your band's online presence in style
  • Share your music and your story with your fans
  • Clearly display your band members
  • Easily connect with current and future fans

Manage your band

  • Central spots for you, your band, your projects
  • Collaborate with band members to grow your band
  • Allow other musicians to find you and reach out
  • Share your artist and band profile on social networks

Decibol's Philosophy

The music business works better when it is simply about music, and less about business. Artists thrive when they're free to create with passion and authenticity, instead of being controlled by demographic studies and market research. Our platform gives musicians and those who support them the power and opportunity to make music the way it was meant to be.

Decibol offers artists the resources, infrastructure, promotional channels, and leverage for distribution they need to grow their music career. Musicians can connect to fans, funders, venues, service providers and each other seamlessly through a series of custom tailored applications.

Join us in shifting and building the new way to create music.